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Starboard PMS 347

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The Cold War

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The presentation of a new cocktail – The Cold War – effectively a Rum and Coke and Pepsi.
Thanks to Stolen Rum.

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Manifestos for thinking and living in a modern world. Taking inspiration from the political, literary and art manifestos of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, Sarah Laing, graphic designer and novelist, and Melissa Laing, artist and theorist, are creating manifestos for thinking and living. Making cases for free universities, cultivated lawns, more design, New Zealand books, and fair remuneration of artists, Sarah and Melissa will perform and film the manifestos in community halls around Auckland.

To accompany the video works, they are compiling a book of manifestos, including space for people to write their own. Come, drink wine and absynthe; rail, heckle, debate, quibble and sass into the night! Now is not the time for mild sentiment! State your case here.

Travelling Writing Desk

Gary Stewart



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The Victorians found their travelling writing desks indispensable for storing writing materials, valuables, vital documents and private correspondence. Historically, some desks had secret drawers that could be released by lifting a catch or pushing a button.

The 21st century take on a ubiquitous piece of Victoriana takes the travelling desk to new places. It maintains its ability to provide a personalized, comfortable working space with places for stationery, small manuals and even a down-sized refreshment area while still celebrating the freedom of travel.

The outside of the desk tells something of the aesthetic tastes and public face of its owner, while the inside reveals their clandestine nature.

Eat or be Eaten

Shabnam Shiwan



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Emma is from an industrial design background and shabnam from graphic. Both have a passion for cooking. Meal times have always been at the heart of both our families -families where we talk about lunch and dinner whilst enjoying breakfast. These pieces explore the rituals and everyday objects which surround eating, which for whatever reason leave a lasting impression. 

Edgar Melitao


Chris Stevens


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Initially, the premies was simple; Make something. No brief, no constraints, no budget. Take a 2 dimensional concept and translate into a 3 dimensional form.  something with no necessary function and no defined form. Easy. From this we decided to hone our thinking to material and imagery; a relationship grew.  We decided on the organic aesthetic of both to create our concept.

Taking the symbiotic relationship between the end product and the source material, our 'something' is a cardboard tree. The stacked cardboard gives us the depth and material texture that has its own organic form. The natural cut image itself completes the cycle.

When viewed from different angles, one gets a completely different perception of the structure. From the front, all appears aligned, from one side, a fractured and disjointed form. All the independent elements have their own purpose and reason to be. It re-assembles much the same way as the original cardboard material was intended to in a box form.


Rebecca Mills


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Joanna: So, lets make something – are you cool bouncing ideas between London and Auckland to do this?
Rebecca: I am up for making something together for sure. A mix up between a designer and a scientist, collaborating, questioning and communicating between countries, across the seas and timezones. How can we create/make something for good, for people..and for the planet?
Joanna: Hmm, yeah I really like the art + science mix up. Ok, well I'm sure there are some dots we can join, some fragile systems to explore… 
Rebecca: Hey that's cool, we could connect the dots between fragile systems, between issues, between people and processes...
Joanna: Yeah, definitely. Visualise the ideas, make them something you could walk around, interact with… 
Rebecca: Now that sounds like fun! could be powerful too - lets get started?!